Bulk pick-up will be on the second collection day of every week, effective January 1, 2018. Section I will have bulk pick-up every Thursday and Section II will have bulk pick-up every Friday. There is a limit of two items per pick-up. If you are cleaning out a house you need to call for a dumpster at your own expense.

            Code Enforcement

            Township of Aberdeen
            Town Hall
            1 Aberdeen Square
            Aberdeen, NJ 07747

            In an effort to keep Aberdeen clean, healthy and aesthetically pleasing to all residents and visitors, Code Enforcement is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring compliance of all Aberdeen Township revised general ordinances, property maintenance codes, county and state laws and regulations.

            Code Enforcement also strives to promote a higher quality of life by promoting awareness and compliance with township codes in order to stabilize and reverse the deterioration of neighborhoods and business districts. Citizens are encouraged to foster a strong sense of civic pride and voluntarily comply with township ordinances. Those failing to maintain their properties in compliance with township codes pose a risk of a violation and fine.

            Common Violations

            Code Enforcement deals with many different types of code violations. The most common violations are listed below.

            High Grass and Weeds higher than ten (10) inches. Tree Trimming, Clear shrubs, limbs and branches from public right-of-way at least eighty (80) inches over sidewalks and fourteen (14) feet over roadways.

            Inoperable and abandoned motor vehicles for more than seven (7) days.

            Trash and Debris, homeowners and tenants are responsible for maintaining all property grounds free of junk, trash and debris. This includes the storage of any furniture not intended for outdoor use, appliances, tires of similar items.

            Sidewalks maintained free of all potential tripping hazards. Raised edges, large cracks and other deficiencies.

            Water that is collected from roof drains, sump pumps, pools and other potential hazardous collecting devices that would be a health concern.

            Township trash and recycling issues and schedules.

            Signs within the business district and residential.

            Snow removal within twenty four (24) hours of the cessation of the storm

            Continued Certificate of Occupancy in accordance with the Township Ordinance.

            Vacant and abandoned properties, houses.

            Report a Code Complaint:

            Township website request for service,

            Phone- 732-583-4200 ext 196

            Walk-In & Mail- You can come in person and speak to the Code Enforcement Officer to file a complaint or send one in by mail to the township office located at 1 Aberdeen Square, Aberdeen NJ 07747.

            The Code Enforcement Office is charged with the responsibility of properly and fairly enforcing
            all ordinances within the Township of Aberdeen.

            The Code Enforcement Office has the responsibility of ensuring compliance with all Township,
            County and State laws and regulations.

            The Code Enforcement Office operates between the hours of 08:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday

            You may register your complaint via the Township web site under popular links, request for service.

            The Code Enforcement Office receives complaints and is responsible for the enforcement of the Township Revised General Ordinances, Land Development Ordinances and the Property Maintenance Codes. The Code Enforcement Officer either self-observes the violations or receives complaints from the public and/or other governmental agencies.

            Upon observing a violation, Code Enforcement Officer documents the conditions of the property through:

            • visual observation
            • written reports
            • photographic evidence

            Whenever possible, personal contact is made with the property owner and/or person responsible for the violation and a violation notice is issued to the owner. The notice states:

            • the nature of the infraction
            • what must be done to correct the violation
            • any administrative relief processes available
            • the enforcement avenue which will be taken if the violation is not corrected
            • the date by which correction is required

            "Our mission is to attain compliance with Aberdeen codes regarding land use regulations and the maintenance of homes and premises through education, cooperation, enforcement and abatement to achieve a cleaner, healthier and safer Aberdeen."


            Ken Marr, Jr.
            Code Enforcement Officer
            732-583-4200 ext 196
            Fax: 732-290-1646










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