Town Hall Summer Hours:  Monday through Thursday - 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m

Due to construction, Atlantic Avenue will be closed from Church St. to the train station. Traffic going in the opposite direction will remain open. Please follow detour.

An excessive heat watch is in effect for all of NJ from now through this coming weekend. The heat index, which is the measure of how hot is really feels, is expected to be between 105-110 over the next couple of days. The high heat and poor air quality will create hazardous conditions with the potential for health related impacts. Please take precautions to prevent heat stress for the elderly, children, people who work outside and pets. Thunderstorms may bring damaging winds during this heat wave. Please monitor local weather forecasts for developing conditions. The Aberdeen Township Municipal Building is open as a cooling and charging station. Anyone needing to relocate to a cooling station is asked to contact the Aberdeen Township Police Department at 732-566-2054 for assistance. To report any power outages please contact JCP&L at 1-888-544-4877.

Please remember to check on neighbors who may need assistance during this heat wave and provide shelter to pets who are outdoors or bring them inside.



            Department Phone Number
            Clean Communities  (732) 583-4200 ext. 130
            Clerk (732) 583-4200 ext. 119
            Commuter Parking  (732)583-4200 ext. 100
             (732) 583-4200 ext. 121 or 120 or 177
            Health (732) 583-4200 ext. 129
            Finance (732) 583-4200 ext. 128
            Municipal Court (732) 583-4200 ext. 105
            Planning, Zoning & Development (732) 583-4200 ext. 121 or 101
            Police Department (732) 566-2054
            Public Works (732) 583-4200 ext. 400
            Public Information (732) 583-4200 ext. 130
            Recreation (732) 583-4200 ext. 129
            Registrar of Vital Statistics (732) 583-4200 ext. 173
            Senior Services  (732) 583-4200 ext. 129 or 173
            Tax Assessor (732) 583-4200 ext. 122
            Tax Collector (732) 583-4200 ext. 137
            Township Manager (732) 583-4200 ext. 117
            Utilities Billing (732) 583-4200 ext. 288 or 180
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