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            8/21/2017 - JCP&L Customers Can Save $10,000 off the Price of an All-Electric Nissan LEAF with Special Rebate Offer!
            To receive the rebate, JCP&L customers need to show their monthly billing statement and a copy of the attached promotional flyer to participating LEAF-certified Nissan dealerships listed below.  For JCP&L customers who receive their bills online, all they need to do is go the JCP&L website and print out a copy of their bill to prove they qualify for the rebate.   

            Nissan suggests calling ahead to the dealership to confirm inventory.  The rebate cannot be combined with other special lease, interest rate or rebate offers.    

            In addition, the purchaser could qualify for up to $7,500 in federal electric vehicle tax credits, and the New Jersey Sales and Use Tax Act provides a tax exemption for qualified zero-emission vehicles.    

            “Electric vehicles are becoming more popular as people recognize the environmental and sustainability benefits they offer,” said Jim Fakult, president of JCP&L.  “This rebate from Nissan is designed to help get even more of these environmentally friendly vehicles on the road.”

            The advantages of driving an all-electric Nissan LEAF include: 
            ·        No gasoline or oil changes 
            ·        Up to 107-mile range, depending on driving conditions 
            ·        Vehicle charging at home overnight 
            ·        Real-time information display about battery range and driving efficiency 
            ·        Virtually silent operation at low speeds and on highway. 

            “We’re dedicated to the mass-adoption of electric vehicles, or EVs, in the United States, and JCP&L’s program shows that it’s interested in supporting EVs as well,” said Brian Maragno, director of EV marketing and sales strategy, Nissan North America.  “Incentive programs like these help continue the positive momentum of EVs while providing a lower cost of entry for interested buyers.” 

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