Bulk pick-up will be on the second collection day of every week, effective January 1, 2018. Section I will have bulk pick-up every Thursday and Section II will have bulk pick-up every Friday. There is a limit of two items per pick-up. If you are cleaning out a house you need to call for a dumpster at your own expense.

            Township Latest News

            1/5/2018 - 3-2.10 Prohibiting the Deposit of Snow, Ice and Brush in the Streets

            It shall be unlawful for any owner or tenant in the removal of snow or ice or in the cutting and removing of vegetation, brush or tree growth, to deposit the same or cause the same to be deposited between the curb lines of the public street.

            It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit snow or ice, whether removed from any driveway, parking area, sidewalk area, or any privately owned property upon any street within the Township. (1973 Code 4-15.10; Ordinance No. 25-1982)

            Evidence of this could result in a summons being issued and force DPW crews to have to clean and clear the road multiple times. Residents should cast the snow from their property back up onto the property. Casting into the roadway is dangerous and could cause motor vehicle accidents.

            *Due to the size of the storm and the temperatures, Aberdeen Township is going to allow residents to utilize this weekend as well to clean out and clear up from the snow. Township ordinances will be strictly enforced beginning on Monday.*

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