After speaking with NJAW, there is a high complexity water main break at the intersection of Line Rd and Church St. There are crews at the site working on the repairs. NJAW estimates repairs to take 10-12 hours.

We have also been informed of another water main break located on Cashel Dr. and Church St. Crews are on site working on the repairs that are expected to take 10-12 hours.

While we understand your frustrations in both of these matters, we also appreciate your patience and understanding. 

            Township Latest News

            11/29/2018 - American Flag at Veterans Memorial Park

            Some residents may have noticed that at times the American flag at Veterans Memorial Park is taken down. Please be advised that this is due to the winds damaging multiple flags. Once the flag rips we take it down, out of respect to our country, until we can replace it. Thank you for your concerns and understanding in this matter.  

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