After speaking with NJAW, there is a high complexity water main break at the intersection of Line Rd and Church St. There are crews at the site working on the repairs. NJAW estimates repairs to take 10-12 hours.

We have also been informed of another water main break located on Cashel Dr. and Church St. Crews are on site working on the repairs that are expected to take 10-12 hours.

While we understand your frustrations in both of these matters, we also appreciate your patience and understanding. 

            Township Latest News

            12/4/2018 - Paving

            Be advised that the gas company will be paving center line to curb for both Oakshades Ave and Cross Avenue and also a portion of Lower Main Street between Maple Ave and Cross Avenue on Thursday, December 6th and Friday, December 7th.  Notices were given to the residents of the area.

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