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            1/29/2019 - Sump Pump Drainage

            507.1 General

            Drainage of roofs and paved areas, yards and courts, and other open spaces on the premises shall not be discharged in a manner that creates a public nuisance.

            Ground water collected by sump pumps must be discharged to the ground surface, outside of the building, a storm drain or a sump pump collection system.  Sump pump discharge to township streets creates a nuisance problem with algae buildup in the warm months. In the winter months, serious icing is created on the streets.  Water from sump pumps which flows across the home owner’s property line can create a nuisance for the neighbors. Extending the sump pump hose across the public side walk is also prohibited since it creates an obstruction along the walking path.  It is also illegal to discharge water from the sump pump into the sanitary sewer pursuant to Township Revised General Ordinance 16-62.4.

            Any discharge of water onto a public street is strictly forbidden and is the responsibility of the property owner to abate.

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