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Tuesday, August 20th and Wednesday, August 21st, Church Street and Atlantic Avenue will be under construction, which will require road closures. Anyone having to visit the Aberdeen Township Municipal Building, during business hours, should plan to use Broad Street to access Church Street to get to the municipal building. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

There is an extension of the due date for this 3rd quarter utility installment, and an extension of the last day of the grace period for the 3rd quarter tax installment.  They will be both be extended to Tuesday, August 20, 2019.  This will be the last day to submit payment with "no interest”.



            Township Latest News

            8/7/2019 - Aberdeen Will Undertake Biggest Road Repair Project Since 1960’s

             ABERDEEN TOWNSHIP (8/7/2019) – In its most ambitious road improvement program since the 1960’s, Aberdeen Township has scheduled a total of 22 mill-and-pave and full reconstruction projects for 2019. 

            Full reconstruction projects on five roads – including new curbs, drainage and sewers – are already in progress on Wayside Drive, Cashel Drive, Carol Lane, Crystal Place, and Claire Court, according to Deputy Mayor Robert Swindle.  

             The next undertaking will encompass nine mill-and-pave projects on Orchard Street, Alden Court, Blair Road, Hyer Court, Halleran Court, Heather Glen Drive, Mathiasen Avenue, Jeter Street, and Church Street, where residents can expect construction to begin in early August and be completed in October.

             “After severe winters, these repairs are badly needed and this year the Township Council resolved to undertake the biggest road program in Aberdeen since 1967,” Swindle said. “The Council also revamped the program to focus more on mill-and-pave projects that cost less and preserve our roads longer.”

                 Reconstructions of six more roads will also begin in 2019.  Projects on Sherwood Drive, Ambler Lane, Dawn Way, and Ambler Court will cover their entire length of the streets. The other projects cover partial sections on Deerfield Lane, from Deborah Lane to Drexel Lane, and Cliffwood Avenue, from Sweetbriar Street to Lenox Road. “Because more than half of Aberdeen’s roads were built between 1952 and 1967, the Township Council has been planning for years to utilize revenue from new redevelopments to re-invest in our aging infrastructure,” said Councilman Greg Cannon.  “As a result, in 2019, the Council is greatly accelerating the Township’s road program without taking on any unplanned or emergency debt.”

             Under a shared services agreement with Holmdel, Line Road will also be repaved along the Aberdeen-Holmdel border from Church Street to Van Brackle Road, with construction scheduled for October 2019.

             Finally, the Township will complete the fourth of five phases to repave County Road, using grants obtained from the State Department of Transportation for the fourth straight year.   “To date, the Township has obtained $990,000 to repave County Road without using local tax dollars,” said Councilwoman Connie Kelley.  “Now that grants have been exhausted, the Township will wrap up the  repaving of all sections of County Road in 2020 during the fifth and final phase.”

             Residents on the affected streets will receive hand-delivered notices from the Township Engineer, CME Associates, informing them of the scope of the work and approximate timetable.

             “With our contractors working in tandem with our Police and Public Works Departments, all efforts are made to minimize the disruptions that such projects can create. But as our prior road projects have demonstrated, the temporary pain will pay dividends in terms of enhanced curb appeal for homeowners and a smoother ride for motorists and bicyclists,” said Councilman Artie Hirsch.

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