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            3/25/2020 - AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen Testing for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing

                 At AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen, Cedar Grove, South Plainfield, and West Orange, we pride ourselves on
            providing our patients with high-quality compassionate medical care. As part of our commitment to
            our patients, we will be performing COVID-19 diagnostic testing for those patients who are
            experiencing symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, persistent cough, and body aches.
                 Our medical providers will perform a thorough examination to rule out other issues such as seasonal
            influenza or an upper respiratory infection and recommend testing for COVID-19, if needed. We will
            collect samples on-site and send them to an outside lab for testing.
                 Our physicians will administer COVID-19 testing based exclusively on strict clinical criteria. We
            are unable at this time to test those who do not meet that criteria but are seeking to be tested
            for peace of mind purposes. Please keep in mind that anyone tested today could potentially contract
            the virus tomorrow. Most people who contract the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate
            cold or flu- like symptoms and will recover fully.
                 Our AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen, Cedar Grove, South Plainfield and West Orange staff are committed to
            serving our patients through this difficult time and beyond. Please call our centers to schedule an
            appointment for testing.
            •     Aberdeen: 732.583.5100
            •     Cedar Grove: 973.239.2300
            •     South Plainfield: 908.222.3500
            •     West Orange: 973.669.5900

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