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            4/7/2020 - Aberdeen Police Department Now Offering Online Incident Report

            The police department is now offering our community the option of initiating an incident online. This trial system was developed in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic in order to minimize exposure and offer an alternative method of reporting an incident. The reporting party may now navigate to and report a variety of incidents. The portal also offers the ability to upload files such as statements, photos, etc. Once submitted, the reporting party will subsequently be contacted by an officer to obtain a clearer picture of what occurred and determine whether a police response is required. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply type the word anonymous in all of the mandatory fields. The system is not to be used to request first aid, report crimes in progress, Domestic Violence, or any other incident where life or property is in peril. All emergencies must be reported through the 911 system. The online reporting system is not mandatory; it is simply an option we are offering our community. Please contact me directly at 732.566.2054 extension 209 with any questions regarding the online reporting system. Thank you for your support and encouragement during these difficult times.
             - Captain J. Cole

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