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            5/27/2020 - Red Bank YMCA Providing Fresh Produce Kits for Families

            Fresh Produce for Families........Please spread the word!


            The Red Bank YMCA has been blessed to be receiving a supply of fresh produce boxes to distribute to households over the next few weeks, beginning this Tuesday, May 26. The details are below:

            ·        What:

            o  Distribution of a free fresh produce kits containing items like: apples, potatoes, onions, lettuce, and more depending on availability

            o  No application or ID needed.

            o   1 Per family

            ·        Where

            o  Red Bank Family YMCA, 166 Maple Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701

            o  Distribution will be at the exterior door of the gym, off the YMCA parking lot

            ·        When

            o  Tuesdays, beginning May 26; anticipated to last until June 30

            o  12 to 5 PM or while the supply of 126 lasts

            o  Kits will be available Tuesday only

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