A Message From Verizon: When power is restored, residents should reboot all their equipment.  If Verizon FiOS or DSL services do not restore properly, they should call 1-800-837-4966.  Of course, if you are aware of cables down or entire sections of town out, please let Verizon know we will then have our local team look into that, but as of this moment, we are not seeing any major outages with our fiber services in your area.
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Please be aware DPW will continue to pick up storm related branches. Starting on Monday, August 10, 2020 through Friday, August 14, 2020 Public Works will be using the schedule listed below. Please leave the branches at the curb the night before your scheduled pick up. Please note, this is a one-time collection, debris that is put out after the scheduled pick-up date with be the responsibility of the homeowner to remove. Residents always have the option to dispose of the branches at the Public Works Garage, located at 147 Lennox Road, Cliffwood Beach. Public works is open Monday through Saturday 7am to 3pm. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Public Works at 732-583-4200ext.401.




Monday, August 10th

Sections W, F, O & the Freneau area (Including Wilson Avenue and Texas Road)


Tuesday, August 11th

Sections I & J

Wednesday, August 12th

Sections C, B and the High School area


Thursday, August 13th

Sections A, N, D and the Oakshades area


Friday, August 14th

Cliffwood & Cliffwood Beach (Including River Gardens)




            Township Latest News

            7/3/2020 - Reopening of Spray Park at Veterans Memorial Park
            We are so very excited to announce that our Spray Park (splash pad area) will reopen tomorrow, July 4th at 10am!!! This area of Veterans Memorial Park will be open 7 days a week from 10 am - 7pm. There have been a few changes made in order to adhere to state guidelines. Please be patient with us as we trek this new adventure and remember that our main goal is to be able to have the Spray Park area open for children to enjoy, but to also do it in a safe and responsible manner. Below you will find the list of regulations that families are required to adhere to in order to enjoy this area of Veterans Memorial Park.

            1. Upon arrival guests will be required to wear a mask, as you will be interacting with our splash pad area attendants.
            2. Guest will be required to sign in with our splash pad area attendants.
            3. Parents/Guardians will be required to sign a waiver. The waiver explains that you are aware that any time you are in a public place you are at risk for catching COVID-19 as individuals can be asymptomatic.
            4. All guests including children will have their temperatures checked and recorded. Anyone with a 100.4 temperature or higher will be asked to leave. We ask that if you or anyone in your party is not feeling well to stay home.
            5. There will be ONLY 20 children allowed at one time in the splash pad area. Each group of 20 will have 30 minutes to play. Once the 30 minutes are up, it will be the next group's turn. If your child would like to go back into the splash pad area, you must resign in on the list. This is the most fair way for us to operate right now in order to allow all children who visit to enjoy the splash pad area.
            6. Masks are NOT to be worn in the splash pad area.
            7. You are asked to social distance from others. If you are setting up chairs and blankets to hang out for the day, please be aware of others and give them the proper about of distance.
            8. Masks are required in the bathrooms. Please keep the bathrooms as neat as possible as everyone must be able to use them.
            9. Bathrooms, picnic tables and parts of the splash pad area will be sanitized periodically throughout the day.
            10. Please note, all employees are required to wear masks when interacting with others. Employees will also have their temperatures checked upon arrival to work and leaving for the day.
            11. As always no camps or organized groups are allowed in our spray park.

            We know this is all a lot to comprehend and not what the families that visit the splash pad area at Veterans Memorial Park are used to, but please know the Township of Aberdeen only has your health and safety in mind. We look forward to another fun filled Summer at the park and hope everyone is able to take advantage of the facilities!

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