A Message From Verizon: When power is restored, residents should reboot all their equipment.  If Verizon FiOS or DSL services do not restore properly, they should call 1-800-837-4966.  Of course, if you are aware of cables down or entire sections of town out, please let Verizon know we will then have our local team look into that, but as of this moment, we are not seeing any major outages with our fiber services in your area.
Thank you.


Please be aware DPW will continue to pick up storm related branches. Starting on Monday, August 10, 2020 through Friday, August 14, 2020 Public Works will be using the schedule listed below. Please leave the branches at the curb the night before your scheduled pick up. Please note, this is a one-time collection, debris that is put out after the scheduled pick-up date with be the responsibility of the homeowner to remove. Residents always have the option to dispose of the branches at the Public Works Garage, located at 147 Lennox Road, Cliffwood Beach. Public works is open Monday through Saturday 7am to 3pm. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Public Works at 732-583-4200ext.401.




Monday, August 10th

Sections W, F, O & the Freneau area (Including Wilson Avenue and Texas Road)


Tuesday, August 11th

Sections I & J

Wednesday, August 12th

Sections C, B and the High School area


Thursday, August 13th

Sections A, N, D and the Oakshades area


Friday, August 14th

Cliffwood & Cliffwood Beach (Including River Gardens)




            Township Latest News

            7/16/2020 - Directions for Aberdeen's Remote Access Council Meeting


            1. You will hear Council and hear Attendees’ Questions
            2. You will not be able to ‘Raise Your Hand’ and ask a question
            3. You will start the log-in process again if you entered wrong # or connection is not good


            • Smart Phone (2 steps)
              1. Press ‘One Tap Mobile’ – click Township’s Meeting link on their website from your Smart Phone. You will automatically access to: Meeting Phone # and Meeting ID
              2. If prompted, press #


            • Non-Smart Phone (3 steps)


              REMOTE ACCESS WITH PC, LAPTOP or TABLET   *** Preferred Option ***


              1. You will hear and see Council and hear Attendees’ questions
              2. You will have ‘Raise Your Hand’ option and be able to ask a question.

              ‘Raise Your Hand’ Icon is at bottom of the screen (possibly at the top of your screen), appears when hovering over your screen


            • Your Device – Using its Speaker and Microphone (3 steps)
              1. Click on Township Council Meeting’s Remote Access URL or copy URL link into your browser
              2. Download/run Zoom app (few seconds) on your device
              3. When prompted, Your Name and Email, press Enter
              4. You are now in the Meeting – you will see & hear Mayor and Council Panelists


            • Your Device – Has No Speaker and Microphone (4 steps)

              On your Device, you will see and be able to ‘Raise Your Hand’ for a question


            • Meeting Governance
            1. Enter Meeting Phone #
            2. When prompted, Enter Meeting ID
            3. Press #, If prompted, press again #
            1. Same steps as above
            2. Dial-in provided Meeting Number with Your Phone (to hear & speak)
            1. If you come early, you will be placed in a “waiting room” until meeting starts
            2. You will join ‘muted’ – only Co-hosts can ‘unmute/mute’ during Public comments
            3. You press ‘Raise Your Hand’ icon if you have a question, Mayor will see your request When ‘unmuted’, do not forget to activate your microphone when asking the question After your time for a question, Mayor will ‘mute’ you back

            If you want to be ‘seen’ while asking your question, then activate your webcam


            Roles: Mayor and Township Manager are Meeting ”Co-hosts”, Council members are “Panelists” and public present at the meeting are “Attendees”.

            Meeting is recorded and available to Public

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