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            12/23/2020 - JCP&L Monitoring the Weather & Prepared to Respond
            Greetings and Happy Holidays from Jersey Central Power & Light 

            Monitoring the Weather and Prepared to Respond  

            Greetings and Happy Holidays from Jersey Central Power and Light ("JCP&L").  As our customers prepare for the holidays, know that JCP&L meteorologists are closely monitoring the weather conditions.  We are prepared to activate our storm response and Incident Command System plans if needed. Our meteorologists predict heavy rainfall of 1-2" in our territory and strong windgusts of 30-40mph and higher along the coastal region during the evening of December 24 into December 25.   Cold temperatures also may create icy conditions.  

            In advance of any severe weather, here are some tips for customers, which we ask you to also share with your residents through your communication resources.    

            Preparing for Outages:  

            Reporting Outages:  Customers without power are encouraged to report their outage by calling 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877), clicking the “Report Outage” link on, or by texting out to 544487.    

            Reporting Downed Wires:  Customers should immediately report downed wires to 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) or call their local police department.  JCP&L reminds customers to stay away from downed wires, even if they believe they are no longer carrying electricity.  Extra caution should be used in areas where downed lines are tangled with trees or other debris.  Motorists are cautioned to treat intersections with inoperable traffic signals as four-way stops.

            Subscribe to Resources:  JCP&L customers can subscribe to email and text message alert notifications to receive weather updates in advance of major storms and updates on scheduled or extended power outages.  Visit to enroll.  

            Follow JCP&L on Twitter @JCP_L, on Facebook at or online at  

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