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            12/26/2020 - A Letter from Mayor Tagliarini Regarding Power Outages


            Dear Residents, 


                 Once again, another deplorable job by JCP&L, the most inept company I have dealt with in my 11 years as Mayor of Aberdeen. JCP&L may be good in sending weather warnings, but have proven that they do not back up their words with proper storm preparation. 

                  At 8:00 am on Christmas morning JCP&L informed me that 160 homes were without service in Aberdeen, soon frustrated and upset residents contacted the Office of the Mayor, as a result of not being able to receive any information. 

                 As the day passed, my countless calls and emails on behalf 160 home owners netted not one successful restoration of service. When we approached the evening, not one home had their power restored. In addition to that, JCP&L informed me by stating that ”We don’t have estimates for restoring power yet, but should this evening”. The only thing JCP&L has accomplished is destroying one of the biggest holidays for 160 families, JCP&L should be ashamed as a corporation.

                 Finally, as of 8:30 am today, December 26th, I was informed that we have 3 clusters of outages. The three clusters consist of 80 homes in one area, 59 in another and 18 homes in another. By 9:30 am, 59 homes have been restored. The Council and Township Manager have inspected and witnessed JCP&L trucks on Lloyd Road continuing repairs for the other 98 homes. Our Chief of Police, Rick Derechailo, is also monitoring the restoration.

                 I have already written to the Governor’s Office and to our County representatives in Freehold. JCP&L should issue an apology and make restitution to our residents. The Township Council expect a full report on why Aberdeen was treated in an such unprofessional manner. As always the Township of Aberdeen is here for our residents and as your Mayor it has been an honor to serve you. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me via my cell phone, 732-275-7612.





            Fred Tagliarini


            Aberdeen, NJ

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