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            1/30/2021 - National Weather Service Predicting Nor'easter Beginning Sunday, January 31

            The National Weather Service is forecasting a Nor’easter to

            impact our area beginning Sunday afternoon, January 31st

            through early Tuesday February 2nd.

            This storm is expected to bring a significant amount of

            accumulating snowfall and mixed precipitation.

            The total amount of snowfall will depend on the track of the storm.

            Winds between 25 - 35 miles per hour and higher are possible along the coastal region, which includes our area.

            The high winds could result in power outages.

            All residents are urged to prepare for this storm by checking food,

            water and emergency supplies. Please secure any loose items around the outside of you home that could become airborne.

            If you experience a power outage, it is important that you report the

            outage directly to Jersey Central Power & Light at 1-888-544-4877

            Warming stations are available if needed. If you need to relocate to a warming station, please contact the Aberdeen Township Police Department for assistance at (732) 566-2054

            Please move all vehicles from the roadway when roads become snow covered to allow for plowing operations to clear the entire street from curb to curb.

            When clearing driveways and sidewalks, please do not throw snow into the roadway. 

            As a reminder, do not run gas generators anywhere inside your home or garage and do not go near or touch any downed wires. If you see a downed wire, stay away and call the police immediately.

            Please monitor local weather reports to stay up to date on weather conditions. You can also visit the township website at for updates and safety tips.

            As always, please check on neighbors who may need assistance during the storm.

            Thank you and please stay safe.

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