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            4/16/2021 - Spring Brush Clean UP Starts April 26 for Section II

            Spring Brush Clean Up begins April 19 – 23 for Section I (Cliffwood Bach, Cliffwood, River Gardens, Oakshades, Frenau, Heritage Estates).

            DPW will be in these areas as long as the weather permits. Branches/brush must be placed at the curb the night before Monday.

             We will not pick up leaves or grass clippings.  Do not have leaves and brush/branches in the same pile as those will not be picked up. 

            The resident will have to take them to the DPW yard located at 147 Lenox Road off Cliffwood Avenue.  Residents will be subject to fines if anything is left after the cleanup is done by DPW. 

            For Section II (Strathmore, High school, Woodbrook Dr, Randall Way, Storyland, Santa Fe, Heather Glen and Clinton St), weather permitting on the week of April 26 – 30.


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