Economic Business Council

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  • Second Monday of every month


There shall be an advisory board known as the Aberdeen Economic Business Council consisting of nine members appointed by the Township Manager for terms ending January 31 of each year. The chairperson of Aberdeen Economic Business Council is to be selected by a majority of committee members thereafter. All vacancies shall be promptly filled by appointment by the Township Manager for the remainder of the unexpired term. A member of the Township Council shall serve as an ex-officio member of this Aberdeen Economic Business Council.

Voting Members

  • James Dolan
  • David Shah


  • Fred Tagliarini, Mayor
  • Bryan Russell, Township Manager


In accordance with the Township of Aberdeen’s codes Section 2-47 Advisory Boards and Commissions, in early 2012, at the bequest of the Mayor and Township Council the Aberdeen Economic Business Council was established.  Since its inception, the EBC continues successfully today bringing the business community and township government closer together as one working entity. 


The Aberdeen Economic Business Council Shall:

  • Inquire into, survey and publicize the extent, advantages and utility of vacant land in the Township designated by the master plan as suitable for commercial or industrial development
  • Study and analyze the various business industry located in the township with a view to ascertaining the opportunity for expansion
  • Advertise the advantages and opportunities, and the availability of real estate in the township, and encourage and accomplish commercial development within the township
  • Serve as a liaison between Township Council and the business community to address issues of mutual concern;
  • Review proposed State and Federal regulations for their potential impact upon the business community, and to advise the Township Council accordingly
  • Inquire into the availability of State and Federal grants to encourage economic growth in the Township
  • To perform any other functions as specifically requested by Township Council

Business Council Addendum

  • The business Council shall meet once a month on the second Monday of every month
  • Business Council members will be responsible for recommending and voting in new Business Council vacancies. These individuals will then be officially appointed by Township Manager
  • An existing Business Council member shall be nominated and then appointed as the Treasurer each year. Authorization for the release of all funds and expenses shall be voted upon by the existing Business Council members.
  • All proposed business matters which fall under the duties of the Business Council pertaining to the alteration or recommendation of town ordinances must be passed through the Business Council with a majority popular vote before presentation to the Town Council.
  • All matters agreed upon by the Business Council must be formally presented in writing to the Town Council for review and approval.
  • If a Business Council member is not in attendance of a meeting, email voting will be acceptable.