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No Knock List

The Aberdeen Township Council has revised existing township ordinances governing door-to-door solicitations to include a “No Knock List” opt-out provision for residents who do not want to be contacted at home and a change to the times when such solicitations can take place. 

The new tougher policies - which apply to solicitors, canvassers, peddlers, hawkers and vendors - took effect on January 1, 2014.  The changes do not apply to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, religious groups or political campaigning.

Similar to the Federal Government’s “Do Not Call” program, residents may register their address with the Township Clerk for placement on the “No Knock List,” indicating that they do not want solicitors or canvassers to approach their home and/or seek personal contact with them.  Once the address has been added to the “No Knock List,” the resident is permitted to post a “No Knock” sign by the front entrance of their home.   The Township will provide a copy of the No Knock list to all solicitors or canvassers.  The list will be also provided to the Police Department for enforcement. 

Under the revised ordinance, it is unlawful for any licensed solicitor or canvasser to approach a registered home and/or seek personal contact with the occupants if the resident has registered on the “No Knock List” or posted a “No Knock” sign.

Registration on the “No Knock List” expires five calendar years following the end of the calendar year of registration, unless renewed by notifying the Township Clerk.   

Concurrently, the times solicitations are permitted on Mondays through Saturdays was changed to 9 am and 7 pm, from the previous hours of 9 am to 9 pm Sunday solicitations remain prohibited.