Environmental & Shade Tree Advisory Board


This board consists of 5 members, 2 alternates, as well as 2 non-voting advisory positions open to Matawan-Aberdeen Regional High School students.

  • Paul Rinear (Chair)
  • Steve Nascimento
  • Kizzie Osbourne
  • Andrew Schueller
  • Don Gordon, Alternate Member


The Board's purpose is to provide guidance and information to the Township Council on matters involving environmental issues affecting township residents.


The Environmental and Shade Tree Advisory Board:

  • Maintains a Natural Resource Inventory of Township resources
  • Makes recommendations to the Planning Board and Township Manager regarding the health and extent of Township tree canopy
  • Advises the Council of any findings and offers recommendations regarding pollution in the Township
  • Regularly reviews the Township reclamation-recycling program and advises the Council of its findings and offers recommendations
  • Provides comments to the Planning Board regarding the environmental impact of proposed projects and developments within the Township
  • Advises the council of ways to improve the quality of the physical environment within the Township
  • Provides information to Township residents regarding the environment and means of protecting it