Township Manager

Role of the Manager in Government

The Township Manager serves as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the Township and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. This position is similar to the chief executive of a corporation. This businesslike form of government reflects a desire for a strong, professional administration and helps to ensure a well-run government. The Manager also ensures that all ordinances, policy decisions of the Council, and laws promulgated by the State of New Jersey subject to enforcement by the municipality are enforced and executed.


The job of the Township Manager is complex since that individual must be a policy advisor, planner, and dollar-stretcher. The manager addresses complaints and is directly involved in the preparation of the municipal budget. Some of the other general duties of the Township Manager are to:

  • Make recommendations to the council concerning the affairs of the Township including plans for short and long-range improvement projects,
  • Keep the council advised about the financial conditions and future needs,
  • Prepare and submit the annual budget,
  • Prepare and submit reports as may be required by the council,
  • Keep the public informed, through reports to the governing body, of the operations of the town government.

A Township Manager should see the Township not as it is, but as it can become!

Council Relations

The Township Manager appoints all other department heads not appointed by the Council and is also responsible for the direction and supervision of those departments of the Township. The Township Manager attends meetings of the Municipal Council with the right to participate in the discussion, but without the right to vote on ordinances and resolutions.

Although he or she is responsible to the council, the proposals and recommendations submitted to the governing body for consideration must reflect the needs of the community and be in the best interest of the municipality.